Back in the old days, Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates were the only true pass-catching tight ends. There was value in reaching to have one of them. But the position has evolved into a glamour spot, leaving us tons of options.

Full top tier

If you asked six different people who will lead tight ends in fantasy points this season, you could get six different answers. Gates, Dallas Clark, Jermichael Finley, Jason Witten, Vernon?Davis and Owen?Daniels all have elite potential. The important note is that this run starts in the fourth round and ends in the eighth.

Breakout candidates

Even if you miss out on those six guys, there is tons of upside left.

Jimmy Graham is a major red zone threat for Drew Brees. Jared Cook is an athletic beast. Rob Gronkowski’s role in New England will grow.

Viable veterans

The position is so deep, proven assets like Zach Miller, Chris Cooley and Dustin Keller are lasting until the final rounds. Make tight end your last priority.

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