Could Josh Rosen be a future option for the Giants? (Photo: Getty Images)
Could Josh Rosen be a future option for the Giants? (Photo: Getty Images)

Tom Brady might want to play until he's 45, but that's not an excuse for the New England Patriots to neglect searching for the heir apparent over the next few years.


While the six-time Super Bowl champion can control his diet and for the most part, his arm strength and accuracy, there is no magic potion to become immune to injuries.

Should anything happen to Brady, veteran Brian Hoyer is next in line to take over the Patriots offense. Based off his track record with limited success as a starter for teams like the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans, there's little evidence that New England could maintain a dynastic run with him under center.


Granted, assuming that high level of play would be unfair for any prospective Brady successor.

The NFL Draft could provide a compelling opportunity for the Patriots to at least search for a future option, though there are far more pressing needs along the defensive line for management to spend their first-round pick on a quarterback.

Later round options are also a possibility, but finding a diamond in the rough like the Patriots did with Brady 20 years ago is a once-in-a-lifetime feat.

Pillaging the free-agent market doesn't provide a logical avenue, either. Spending top dollar on a younger, but still veteran arm like Nick Foles — who is expected to sign with Jacksonville — is too high a price for a player that will sit behind Brady.

That's what makes the prospect of acquiring Arizona Cardinals passer Josh Rosen such an interesting scenario.

Rosen was selected 10th overall in the 2018 selection process and expected to be the golden boy of the future in Scottsdale. On the worst team in the league, the UCLA product exhibited plenty of growing pains in the NFL, completing just 55.2 percent of his passes for 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions in 14 games.

He went just 3-10 as a starter.

It's worth noting that Rosen was behind the eight-ball the moment he went under center for the Cardinals. Steve Wilks was fired after the 2018 season, his first as an NFL head coach, while the Cardinals offense that lacked any legitimate threat outside veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald ranked dead-last in the NFL.

It was a swift fall from grace for Rosen, who put up a strong junior season at UCLA in 2017 where he passed for 3,756 yards with 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 11 games.

Now his time in Arizona is on the verge of being cut short after the hiring of former college head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who put together some high-octane offenses at Texas Tech.

In what is expected to be a pass-happy unit in 2019, the Cardinals offense under Kingsbury will be in need of a dual-threat quarterback who can extend the play with above-average athleticism, which is something Rosen is not. It's the main reason why all signs are pointing to them choosing Oklahoma product and reigning Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray with the No. 1 pick in the draft.

While Rosen's pocket-passing tendencies might not be a good fit in Arizona, they'd be a perfect fit in New England. With plenty of polishing left to do on his game, especially when it comes to turnovers, Rosen would have the two greatest teachers possible to help hone his skills as a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL with Brady and head coach Bill Belichick.

Getting at least a year of learning and perfecting an intricate Patriots offense that ensures the quarterback isn't making an overwhelming amount of difficult throws could be an ideal spot for Rosen, who could come in and hit the ground running whenever Brady decides to call it quits.

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