Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals was, by any estimation, a
disaster. Three things Boston needs to do to avoid a repeat showing.

1 Don’t let Roloson up, or expose Mike Smith

Despite pulling his No. 1 goalie twice in the Eastern Conference finals, Lightning coach Guy Boucher said he’s going with Dwayne Roloson again in tonight’s Game 5.

That’s simply wonderful news for the Bruins. Boston won’t admit it publicly, but they’re surely feeling a bit doubtful after Saturday’s implosion. Roloson starting is a ray of hope. They’ve proven they can get to him, and he knows it. Test him early, and he might break again. If he does, remember the backup is Mike Smith.

2 Forget Game 4, but don’t forget Game 4

The B’s proved this postseason they learned from last year’s collapse against Philadelphia.
The question now: Did that lesson carry forward? Can they put another debacle out of their minds?

“I think everybody learns from those kinds of things,” coach Claude Julien said, “and you learn from what you did wrong and why it happened. And that’s what we do.”

3 Keep cool, even after giving up a goal

All the fight went out of the B’s when the Lightning scored its first goal Saturday afternoon.
Julien called it “losing focus,” and “getting stressed out again.” We call it panic mode.

As good as the Bolts are, the B’s are right there with them. If they calm down and let it flow, good things will happen tonight.