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Nick Foles stands tough after “cheap shot,” inspires Birds’ offense

The Eagles quarterback told his huddle “now lets make them pay for it,” after unsportsmanlike hit.

Nick Foles bounced back from a defenseless hit to the ribs. / Credit: Getty Images Nick Foles bounced back from a defenseless hit to the ribs. / Credit: Getty Images

Chip Kelly was talking to his fellow coaches on whether or not to challenge an apparent interception in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s win over the Redskins. The game was tied, and it looked as if the ball hit the ground and was an incomplete pass.

Then he looked across the field and saw a “melee” near the far sideline.

“The next thing I knew, a hockey game broke out,” Kelly said.


The interception would eventually be overturned, but on the ensuing nulified return, Redskins nosetackle Chris Baker hit Nick Foles from behind, giving Eagles fans a scare. Seconds later, Birds’ left tackle Jason Peters, started attacking Baker as retribution and both benches cleared.

“I thought the guy was down,” Foles said, “that’s why I wasn’t looking for anyone and next thing I knew I was obliterated.”

After a few minutes worth of chaos and scuffles, both Baker and Peters were booted from the game.

“I love those guys,” Foles said of the teammates who stood up for him. “I’m a fighter and knowing they have my back, in that situation when a guy does a dirty play.”

A few plays later, Foles found Jeremy Maclin to put the Eagles ahead for good.

“You want to take stuff like that and use it to your advantage,” Maclin said. “You see your quarterback get up from that, it gives you that extra excitement you need as well. A credit to Nick. He’s a fighter.”

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