Cody Parkey expects to be among the NFL's top kickers in 2015.Getty Images

Time to panic?

Eagles' kicker Cody Parkey, a year after making the Pro Bowl and setting several rookie and Eagles records, missed a field goal and extra point in the Birds' 36-10 preseason opener against the Colts Sunday.

And with no competition in camp, many Eagles fans and pundits are worried the kicker has become complacent or is in a mental slump.

"Imean, let's not go crazy now," Chip Kelly said after the game. "He's a pretty good kicker. Hey, he's a Pro Bowler. I've seen Pro Bowlers miss kicks. I've seen Adam [Vinatieri, Colts kicker] ‑‑ Adam is a Hall of Fame kicker -- I've seen him miss kicks before, too. Let's not hit the panic button on Cody right now. We are in the first preseason game."


Parkeymade the Eagles roster late during training camp in 2014, beating out Alex Henery. During the season he tied for the highest average points per game, and set a new rookie scoring record with 150 points.

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Both of the kicker's misses Sunday were in the 30-yard range, one of them an extra point (which has moved back from the two-yardline).

“Everyone is human. Everyone misses a kick here and there,” Parkey said. “But it’s embarrassing to go out there and miss two in the first game. And it sucks for me to do it. I’m just going to go out there next week and do better.”

But he did make a 48-yarder and two other field goals. And with three preseason games to go as well as the entire regular season ahead starting September 14 against the Falcons, Parkey says his confidence has not wavered.

“It’s sky high,” Parkeysaid. “It couldn’t be better. I got the best holder, best snapper in the league, best protection. So I’m just going to go out there and kick and do my thing.”

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