One week into the World Cup and there’s already a major controversy. It has nothing to do with the new ball, players flopping all over the pitch like Vlade Divac or Diego Maradona.

It involves a large swath of attractive Netherlands female soccer fans who all came to Holland’s match dressed identically sinful — tight, short, orange dresses — and were promptly thrown out of the stadium by FIFA officials.

FIFA made the decision to boot the women, who were instantly picked up by TV cameras and photographers, because it felt the ladies were trying to advertise beer for a Dutch brewery. The orange dresses, despite being skimpy, didn’t say anything on them. It looks like goalkeeping isn’t the only thing that will continue to be ugly in South Africa.


Elsewhere, as the London papers continue to plunge into the life of goalie Robert Green (aka “Hand of Clod”), it has been unearthed that before England left for the World Cup, Green broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Canadian model Elizabeth Minett.

Maybe that’s why Green gave up that pathetic goal to Clint Dempsey on Saturday! Arm candy is nothing new for Green, though, who has dated models and a society girl who runs the London lap-dance club Secrets.

You probably felt pity for Green after that gaffe on Saturday. Uh, don’t. He’ll probably be all right.

Speaking of pretty boys, Mark Sanchez has been a pro for a little over a year, and he’s dated nearly as many famous women as he has thrown touchdown passes. The latest snag is actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who you may know as Meadow Soprano. She was his date to the Tony Awards, and they’ve been photographed holding hands in public. Scandalous, we know.

Yes, she’s been married, and is about six years older than him. It’s quite an upgrade for Sigler, who used to date Turtle from “Entourage.” This is Sanchez’s first high-profile relationship; we hope he can avoid the dreaded girlfriend jinx.

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