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Nothing doing for Chad Ochocinco, Tom Brady

It’s been clear since the start of training camp that something justisn’t right with Chad Ochocinco.

It’s been clear since the start of training camp that something just isn’t right with Chad Ochocinco.

All those dropped balls on the practice field carried over into preseason. Preseason carried over in the regular season.

And now here we are midway through with this stat line: Nine receptions, 136 receiving yards.

Zero touchdowns.

Want to know Wes Welker’s stats in Sunday’s game alone? Nine catches, 136 receiving yards and zero touchdowns. Production status: matched.

Welker was targeted 10 times Sunday. Ochocinco, five times — and he caught no balls for the third straight game. So is it his fault? Is it Tom Brady’s fault? The answer is more complicated than that.

Brady’s track record is proven, as is Ochocinco’s. But the two just don’t click. Brady and Welker obviously do. Ditto for Deion Branch, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

Before the regular season began, Ochocinco talked about getting and understanding that “look” from Brady, knowing exactly what was to come on the next play. It’s safe to say that hasn’t come yet.

“Overall our execution level is at times good but other times not as good as what it needs to be,” Bill Belichick said, when pressed. “That’s the difference between completing them and not completing them.”

The other guy

And what about the other big-name acquisition, Albert Haynesworth?

He’s doing his best to match Ochocinco’s disappearing act.

Haynesworth didn’t touch the field after Brandon Jacobs scored with just over nine minutes to go in the third quarter Sunday.

Belichick blamed that on the D-line’s “rotations.”

Sure. Rotations.

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