How much would you pay for tickets to Joe Paterno’s memorial service?

Four hundred dollars? Five hundred dollars? Ninety thousand dollars?

Free tickets to Thursday’s memorial service were distributed yesterday to more than 10,000 fans and alumni. By mid-day, tickets started popping up on eBay auction, with pairs selling for $400 and $500. One bid went as high as $99,509 before eBay finally pulled it. In fact, the auction site has removed all tickets to the Paterno memorial service, claiming it violated the website’s policies.

A rep for eBay told that they “don’t allow the sale of tickets to events in which all tickets are free to the public.”


Penn State president Rodney Erickson was visibly upset at the offenders.

“I can’t tell you how reprehensible I find those kinds of actions,” Erickson said Tuesday. “We have tried to do everything within our power to stop that, but there are certain legal limitations on what we are allowed to do.”

Erickson added that he hoped anyone who had profited from the sale of tickets would consider donating the money to the Special Olympics or Thon, which are the two charities the Paterno family is asking people to send donations to.

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