Patriots to offer “Jersey Guarantee”



The New England Patriots will be the first team in the NFL to offer a jersey rebate if a fan buys a jersey through their website of a player who leaves the team within one calendar year of that jersey being bought.


The Thursday morning mailing that the team sent out informed the public that if they purchase the jersey of a player who is off the roster within one year of the purchase date, they would receive a 25% discount off their next jersey purchase. The fan would have only two months to select their discounted jersey, but they would not have to return the original jersey.


This display of good will comes about one year after the Patriots offered fans the chance to trade in their Aaron Hernandez jerseys for another jersey from the team store after Hernandez was charged with murder.

The Patriots might also be trying to encourage jersey sales because the prices are going up.

The cheapest adult-sized replica jersey still costs $100, but the next level up, which has embroidered twill numbers, went up from last season, from $135 to $150. And the authentic jersey will cost you $295, up from $250 last season.

The Patriots might also be trying to drum up more interest in buying Darrelle Revis jerseys, as he is only under contract for one year. The Patriots sold a slew of Tim Tebow jerseys during training camp last year, only to cut him before the season started.

For what its worth, a Tom Brady jersey still seems like a pretty good investment.

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