1. Watch out for the lefty at quarterback

The Patriots have spent this week watching preseason film of Chiefs QB Tyler Palko, but even so, it will be a different look when the left-handed quarterback steps back to throw. The Patriots will most likely flip a lot of defensive blitz schemes, and linemen who are accustomed to getting at the quarterback from a certain angle are going to have to adjust to coming around the other edge.

2. Will the Patriots ever run again?

Since the Week 5 win over the Jets, the Patriots’ run game has been borderline nonexistent.


As each week passes and run yardage isn’t accumulated, you have to wonder if the Patriots have either, A, not enough health or talent at the running back position, or B, would rather just take their chances with the ball in Tom Brady’s hand.

Either way, a balanced offensive attack is going to be necessary if New England want to win in the playoffs.

3. Can the Patriots take back home?

Since 2002, the Patriots have the most regular season and postseason wins at home in the NFL.

They are 63-13 in that time span, with Baltimore and Indianapolis six and seven games behind, respectively. And the Patriots aren’t just squeaking by with wins at home either. They lead the league in point differential at home since 2002 as well.

Still, those numbers didn’t matter against the Giants two weeks ago.

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