Tom Brady has moved on from Week 2 and Week 3.

He's not concerned with replacement officials' incompetence either.

For Brady and the Pats, the blinders are on - and they're staring straight ahead to Buffalo. If you don't know anything about what goes on in Gillette Stadium, know this: win or lose, the Patriots don't look back.

"You can't sit around for four days and mourn a loss and say, 'gosh, this is the end of our year,'" Brady said. "We're 1-2, we're not in a good position right now, we're in the exact position we deserve to be in and we have to do something about it. So the energy and attention is focused on this opponent and how we can be better and how we can play better so hopefully if we play well we can get to 2-2 and that's the only place we can go from here."

What they'll see in Buffalo is a solid offense and a stronger defense that now includes All-Pro defensive end Mario Williams. The Bills have nine sacks on the year. By comparison, the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets have combined for nine sacks on the year - each with three, putting them in a tie for second-worst in the NFL.

"Yeah, they're big," Brady said of Buffalo's defensive line. "It's a big front, it's big linebackers, they can all move, they're athletic and they really count on those front four to get to the quarterback and they do it."

New England's pass rush has been an eye-sore, just like their inability to score touchdowns in the red zone (just 50 percent of their trips). In addition, their secondary continues to give up big plays through the air. Brady hopes that it all starts to click as the season progresses.

"What we control is our attitude, our preparation, and really the process," Brady said. "If there's a bad outcome and a good process, then you've just got to work harder at the process. Certainly we've had two bad outcomes the last few weeks, but we believe in what we're doing, we believe we can continue to work hard and get better."