It’s safe to say the Red Sox are playing the best baseball of their season – but that’s not saying much considering the way things started.

They go into Thursday night’s game in Oakland standing at 40-35, tied for third place in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays.

After a 4-10 start to the season, the Sox seem to be finally getting it. The offense remains one of the most potent in the league, and the pitching – to an extent, anyways – has improved.

One former Red Sox pitcher, Pedro Martinez, was in Boston Wednesday night being honored at the “The Tradition”, an event held at the TD Garden to honor past “legends” of New England sports.


Being a World Series champion and one of the best pitchers in Red Sox history, Martinez obviously knows what it takes to have a winning team. This season’s team has certainly had its ups and downs, but Martinez thinks they can succeed if they do thing in particular.

“I think the team is there,” Martinez said to Metro Boston. “Health hasn’t been there. I think this team has it. All we need is to put it together to keep it unified. Just get together and play together because this team hasn’t played together all year. If they do, they’re probably the best team in baseball.”

But Pedro, can they play together?

“I think they could,” he said. “I think they could. There’s plenty of time. The first half is barely going to end right now. They have a whole second half to start over.”

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