Penn State, Sandusky scandal gets uglier

The federal authorities are swooping in on State College. Watch out!



It’s never good when the feds show up (ask Jimmy McNulty) —yet that is exactly what is now happening in the Penn State sex-abuse scandal.


Patriot-News ace reporter Sara Ganim (seriously, this girl will be working at the New York Times in less than a year) reported that federal authorities are exploring the possibility of a cover-up.


Among subpoenas they are requesting are correspondences with The Second Mile, Jerry Sandusky’s children’s charity; computer hard drives; out-of-court settlements involving Sandusky; and payments by board members to third parties.


They’ll also be looking hard for any signs of fraud or hush money.

You may remember a report that surfaced after the scandal first broke about a child-sex prostitution ring, involving unnamed high-profile board members.

Bottom line, this is getting even uglier – if that’s even possible – folks.