Will the City of Brotherly Love be the center of the football world next spring?Getty Images

Recently, professional sports entry drafts have become a bit of a road show.


The NFL's draft, which had been held in Manhattan every offseason since 1956, has spent two seasons in Chicago (the second starting Thursday night at 8 p.m.) and is looking for a new city.


Philadelphia, according to Adam Schefter, is on top of the list to be the next site of the event.


Sources suggest the city is in talks with the NFL to host the 2017 NFL draft. The city recently also hosted the NHL and MLS drafts. It would be a bit odd for the city to host the event next season, since the Eagles will not have a first round pick in that draft (they traded it last week to the Browns to move up to the No. 2 spot in this year's draft).


The other top contender for the 2017 extravaganza, Los Angeles, also is without a first round pick next spring. They spent their in a trade with the Titans to get top billing in this year's draft.