Credit: Getty Images Kevin Frandsen will wear a different jersey next season, and the Phillies will need a new utility infielder. Credit: Getty Images

The Phillies plan to carry six players on their bench this year. Now if only they had six players good enough to play on their bench currently on their roster.

After the Phillies outrighted Kevin Frandsen, the infielder opted for free agency leaving $900,000 on the table and much-needed depth in Triple-A for the squad.


Freddy Galvis is out for a few weeks with MRSA, and the team announced it was releasing Ronny Cedeno. This leaves Reid Brignac and Cesar Hernandez as the only utility infielders remaining on the 40-man roster.

Two other options include Andres Blanco, a light-hitting sure-handed minor leaguer, and Cesar Izturis, who opted out of his contract yesterday with the Astros.

The rest of the bench will likely include catcher Wil Nieves and outfielders Tony Gwynn Jr., John Mayberry Jr. and possibly Bobby Abreu. All decisions must be made by Sunday.

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