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Phillies Notebook: Rollins raps in Uganda

Phils shortstop Jimmy Rollins is helping kids in Africa.

A great story from ESPN.com (wow, did we really just say the words "great" and "ESPN" in the same sentence? — yes, yes, we did) ... anyway, Jimmy Rollins is in Uganda teaching little league players how to field and hit a baseball, and eat sunflower seeds. And chocolate-covered peanuts.

The Phils shortstop is participating in the Right to Play program and the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation has donated $10,000 for the Pearl of Africa Series. Young James is there with fellow big-leaguer Derrek Lee and his sister, Shay, as they try to mold the poor kids of Uganda into future MLB stars.

"They understand the game," Rollins said. "I'm constantly going, 'How do they know this?' And they're not shy, they're not afraid to make a mistake."

Rollins is detailing the entire event in a journal for his wife, Johari, who is pregnant with the couple's first child. So far, the highlight — at least for us — has been a freestyle rap performed by J-Roll.

It went a little something like this ...

One two one two, in Uganda baseball comes through

Big D Lee in the house and so is me doing it everyday casually

Because we like to play and get down, Uganda, Nsambya, the big towns

I'm not done, we get it down, we get it too, I stand up and push, it's on you

And when the ball leave the field I'm gonna clown

Walk down the baseline, throw a pound

To the sky, up high, to my fans, we got a plan

Everybody just say baseball … baseball

Everybody say baseball … baseball

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