I vaguely remember Chris Berman doing this in 2008 and then feeling like I didn't want to get out of bed and vote the next day.

Yup, the last time we see Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on American airwaves before the Nov. 6 election will be when they sit down with Boomer himself at halftime of Monday Night Football.

We're sure that he'll hit both candidates with all the hard-hitting questions as both Obama and Romney pretend to understand 3-4 defenses and shooting the A-gap.

Sports and politics! A match made in comedic heaven:


Set your DVRs the Tecmo Bowl documentary is here!

If this was Steve Sabol's final call, then I think we should just go ahead and smack the label of "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" on his tombstone.

Yup, NFL Films has done a documentary on "Tecmo Bowl," still the greatest sports video game ever made. Of course, I'm partial to "Super Tecmo Bowl," but that's just semantics.

Anyway, here are the air-times for the NFL Films piece, a must DVR this week:

Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. — ESPN2

Friday, 4:30 pm — NFL Network

Saturday, 1:30pm — NFL Network

Of course all this nostalgia will have people jumping up and down asking why video game companies don't come up with an updated version?

Well, fear not. Duane, the kid who ate his boogers in your elementary school gym class, is 20 steps ahead of you. Yup, Tecmo 2013 exists - kinda, sorta.