Sometimes we can get a little cynical over here at Playing the Field.

But today we'd like to honor two ladies who went above and beyond to raise some money for a cancer charity. Colts cheerleaders Megan Meadors made the promise to shave her head if Colts mascot Blue raised $10,000 for IU Simon Cancer Center, in honor of Colts head coach Chuck Pagano.

Pagano is currently taking a leave of absence from the team as he deals with leukemia.

The good news: Blue raised $22,750 for IU Simon Cancer Center. The bad news: Yesterday was shaving day.


In the end, friend and fellow Colts cheerleader Crystal Anne also joined in (because one shaved head just would look weird).

Personally, I think they both have a sexy, "V for Vendetta" thing going on. Also, not only did the two women raise the money for charity, they donated their hair to Locks of Love. Double the charity, double the awesome.

Here's a picture of Megan before the shave (courtesy of her Twitter feed):

Good job by both women and the Colts organization as a whole.

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