The only thing in sports I dislike more than mascots are sideline reporters. Nonetheless, everyone's favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, bailed on ESPN yesterday to join Fox Sports and for some reason everyone was surprised.


Andrews does a fine job, but let's face it, no one is going to miss her from sports broadcasts on ESPN. Her two feel-good stories about the back-up kicker and an injury update covered all week weren't exactly crucial to the game coverage.


Now she'll be hosting a pre-game college football broadcast and doing some unspecified work on MLB and NFL games.


Presumably she'll also still be looking hot, which realistically is why she's so popular. Right, Les Miles? Speaking of Miles, here's a sampling on some of Andrews' best work, including a two-minute interview with Miles about eating grass. It including such hard-hitting questions as, "Why do you eat grass?" and "Who taught you to do this?" Enjoy her talents Fox.


NHL Twitter Wars


NHL free agency began yesterday and while none of the best talent -- Ryan Suter, Zach Parise, Martin Brodeur -- signed anywhere, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of things to talk about. Like teams making stupid mistakes on Twitter.

It began with the Avalanche proudly proclaiming the signing of John Mitchell and Matt Carkner. Carkner is a nice addition, but he'd be an even nicer addition if he were actually signed by the team.

You see, after their tweet announcing the signing of Carkner, he signed with the Islanders instead. Oops. The Avs quickly yanked down the offending tweet, but not before some embarrassing screenshots that will live in (minor) infamy for years.

The Wild meanwhile were more interested in letting you know that they were trying really hard to sign people -- they just were preparing for eventual failure. Minnesota tweeted they'd made offers to the aforementioned Suter and hometown hero Parise.

That's wonderful Minnesota, but so have a bunch of other teams. It doesn't take much forethought to realize this tweet might as well read "Look! See! We tried!! Really hard!"

The best part was the corresponding tweet from your Stanley Cup champion L.A. Kings three hours later.

That is a championship ZING!

We don't know who in the Kings public relations runs the official Twitter account for the Kings, but he or she is hilarious. Exhibit B on the day was this sarcastic comment toward the Buffalo Sabres' account after they announced they had "come to germs" with John Scott:

It's even funnier if you read it in the voice of Stephen Colbert. We here at Playing the Field applaud you faceless, nameless Kings Twitter account updater. All official accounts could use a little more humor. It's sports people.

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