They always say you'll see something new every time you go to a baseball game. And by they I mean Tim Kurkjian. He says it a lot.

Nationals first baseman Michael Morse definitely fulfilled that promise on Saturday. With the bases loaded in the top of the first against the Cardinals, Morse came to bat and hit a grand slam. Sorta. Kinda. Eventually.

You see, the ball hit off an electronic scoreboard in right field just above the 8-foot wall (we know it's eight feet because the Nationals will tell you so a dozen or so times in the broadcast) and bounced back on the field. Carlos Beltran threw the ball back in, Morse was tagged out and the umpires went to the replay. Nothing unusual there. That's usually how these things go when there is confusion on a home run.

But watch the video and see what happens next:


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Yep, that's Morse being forced to run back to second, then first and then home, whereupon he swings an invisible bat and then runs the bases (forwards) again. Awesome stuff by Morse, who, by the way, looks like a professional wrestler.

I'm still not exactly sure why they made him go back, but whatever. It made for a great moment, and the craziest grand slam since Robin Ventura's grand slam single.

Your browser does not support iframes.

Sipping on what?

And just to leave you on a completely offensive and somewhat disgusting note, here's Desmond Howard with a commentary flub for the ages.

The Gameday crew was talking Oregon State, and Des was just not big on the Beavers like David Pollack was. So of course he said, "He's sipping that Beaver juice." Uh huh.

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@MetroNYSports. By the way, the Beavers staged a nice comeback win last night, so maybe Desmond will be sipping Beaver juice next week.