It's just another crazy week in the NFL, with an official dropping a "Goddammit" on his coworker.

Referee Tony Corrente was working the Dolphins-Colts game yesterday when a particularly confusing moment required multiple conferences between the officials. And Corrente wasn't exactly excited to be ordered around by one of the members of his crew.

He probably should've noticed his microphone was on at the time, however.

Zebra on zebra violence is always funny. Play-by-play man Kevin Harlan's apology is great as well. That's always the most awkward part of an on-air curse, "Do I apologize? Or do I just pretend no one heard that obvious damnation of God?"


Blake argues with fan

Speaking of cursing on live TV, we also had a fun little incident with Lakers guard Steve Blake, who dropped an F-bomb on a fan in the front row during the team's loss to the Clippers last week.

Blake spent the end of the loss getting into a confrontation with a fan, including cursing him out right as the camera zoomed in on his face after fouling out. Luckily it wasn't quite audible, but it's just as fun watching him yell at the fan for a minute.

Good thing it wasn't Jack Nicholson. He would've choked him out right on the court.

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