A new power couple (and WAG) has emerged in MLB.


Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun (that guy who definitely won the NL MVP last year and definitely didn't cheat) is, apparently, engaged to swimsuit model Larisa Fraser. We say "apparently" because after the model posted it in her blog, she mysteriously ripped it down.


I’ve been so busy with school and work and up until last night I hadn’t cooked a new meal in a month! That’s sad. I obviously do the standard Banana Smoothie, Oatmeals, omeletes, and fish and asparagus for dinner (boring?). After a fridge loading Costco Trip it was time to feed the boyfriend–fiance (I’m still not used to that) something ‘new’. DA DA DA DAAAA… Fish, Asparagus, and Coconut Thai Red Curry Sauce. Somehow it was plate lickin good (yes, i do that on occasion).

The fourth sentence (my emphasis, not hers) would be the one in question. And while her strange habit of random capitalization is puzzling, even more so is slipping such a note into a random anecdote about going to Costco.

But presumably she didn't call off the engagement as well as the blog post. So congratulations to Braun, who once again proves the saying "cheat to win" correct. Also, since we know all you care about are pictures of Ms. Fraser, let me oblige.


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