There's very little more awkward than two TV hosts not realizing the camera is rolling.


There are plenty of infamous examples. Everyone remembers Bill O'Reilly flipping out back in his "Inside Edition" days. ESPN's Chris Berman had a particularly epic meltdown ("It's like no one here has worked on TV before!") on "Monday Night Football." And in honor of NBC4 New York's Sue Simmons, who retired (coughfiredcough) after 32 years this week, we present one of the funniest F-bombs in news history.


Why are we running down some of these epic fails? Well, ESPN's Sage Steele and Jalen Rose added one of the most awkward on-camera mistakes of all-time to the record books this weekend. But they put a unique twist on it -- no f-bombs or yelling at producers, just Steele flat out flirting with Rose as it is unknowingly broadcast to America.


Yep, that's Steele coyly smiling and asking about dinner plans with Rose. His response, if you couldn't make it out, was "Between now and Monday." I'm not generally one to jump to conclusions, but well that really looks like awkward flirting. Anchor Lindsay Czarniak clearly picks up on it just by the look on her face when they return from the mistake. Oh, by the way, they are both married. Oops.


Errors for everyone!


On the same note as TV anchor screw-ups, there's nothing more enjoyable than watching professionals totally screw up at their job.

Miguel Cabrera got the gift of a little league home run Saturday thanks to the sterling defense of the Rockies. Cabrera hit a weak come-backer to the pitcher and then this happened ...

Your browser does not support iframes.

Were I not such a terrible little leaguer, I could say we've all felt that same feeling before. Instead, I'm more familiar with the disaster that was the ending of Kansas City and St. Louis on Friday.

With two outs in the ninth, down by one run, the Cardinals' Tyler Greene tried to steal second and put the tying run in scoring position. When the throw got away, Greene just kept running ... until being tagged out at home to end the game. Walk-off error!

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