Today's PTF features a couple of sports media notes starting off with the fact that Samantha Steele is officially off the market thanks to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder ... collective sigh.


That's right, Steele and Ponder are officially engaged, meaning that Steele's journalistic integrity may be ruined if she ever hopes to cover the NFL. And we all know the first priority for all ESPN employees is always journalistic integrity.


Still, give props to Steele and Ponder. For Steele, it's extremely hard to be a bigger star than any NFL quarterback and she pulls it off quite well on the interwebs. For Ponder, well ... who's kidding, who? We're just jealous.


Ponder reportedly proposed to Steele by getting a bunch of Christmas lights together and spelling out, "Marry Me." Yes, it's more of a demand than a question, but it's the originality that counts.


Vile poop talk

The word poop has officially gone from silly thing you said as a child to silly thing sports radio broadcasters say when they're really excited. Give it up for the word, "POOP!"

Houston Rockets radio broadcaster Craig Ackerman summed up the Rockets come-from-behind victory over the Lakers quite nicely Tuesday night:

That's gonna leave a mark

Norwich University is a private military college in Vermont. It's harder to imagine a more bone-chilling collegiate atmosphere on Earth, unless you attend the University of Moscow - Balashikha.

It's what makes this soccer ball to the face video that much worse. There's getting hit in the face with a ball and then there's getting hit in the face with a ball in below freezing temperatures following a session of basic training: