The blonde from "Old School" a.k.a. Sean Avery's 'sloppy seconds' is engaged. It was this scene in which Elisha Cuthbert entered the minds of adolescent boys and frustrated old men everywhere:

The most underrated sports feud of the past five years has to be the one that began in early December of 2008 between NHLers Dion Phaneuf and Sean Avery.

You'll remember that Avery was the first sports figure in history to ever utter the phrase "sloppy seconds" in a public forum. He was, of course, talking about the fact that his former girlfriend in Cuthbert and Phaneuf (then a star for the Calgary Flames) were dating.

Avery set out to blatantly destroy the Cuthbert/Phaneuf relationship with the most desperate form of public humiliation anyone could ever think of. Somehow, in some way, however, Cuthbert and Phaneuf weathered the 'sloppy seconds' storm. They were engaged Labor Day weekend.


It's a fact: if you can survive being in the top five of a 'sloppy seconds' Google search, you can survive anything. Who says true love can't exist in this day and age?

Not the first time Musburger lost it

So Brent Musburger accidentally said "piss" instead of "pick" in the Michigan-Alabama game and ESPN felt the need to censor it. That's fine. Their call -- even though there are about 564,987,654 worse things you can say that the word "piss."

It's obvious that Musburger was his own worst enemy here. Had he not thought saying "piss" was the funniest thing in the world, there would have been no censor whatsoever.

Of course, it's not the only time Brent has made things difficult on himself. For those under the age of 35 -- PTF proudly presents, the reintroduction of "Busty Heart."

(Gets good around 1:20 - just keep your eyes on John Salley's "date" to the left)