If you were too busy rushing out to buy your mother flowers yesterday morning you might have missed the last shot in the on-going flame war between Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.


The two have a long history of hate, starting last June when McCoy called Umenyiora "overrated." He also called him the third-best defensive lineman on his team. And actually that might be accurate, with Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck ahead of him. Nonetheless, the newbie to Twitter decided to fire his first tweet-related attack at McCoy yesterday.



Not much subtlety to that one. Of course, he did call him "a girl" when informed of the overrated tweet last year. McCoy's response was surprisingly understated.


We like a good rivalry though. There's nothing wrong with some trash talk between two of the best rivals in the NFL. I'm sure Roger Goodell will fine them both if they keep it up, but here's to old school rivals talking junk. On (decidedly new school) Twitter.


You might remember a little over a month ago when we brought you the news that former NBA ball hog Stephon Marbury had won a championship in the Chinese basketball league. Well, now he has a statue. Yep, already. They don't mess around in China.

I'm not quite sure the statue looks anything like him, but whatever, close enough. That photo comes courtesy of Marbury's rambling Twitter account. Also, Dennis Rodman was there. Why? I don't know. I suppose if you're going to go crazy, you might as well go all out.

Miracle finish

If you didn't see the ending of Manchester City vs. QPR yesterday you missed one of the greatest endings in Premier League history -- if not sports history. The heavily favored Man City needed a win over Rangers to earn their first EPL title in 44 years. They led 1-0 ... then were tied 1-1 ... then trailed 2-1. With only extra time remaining. So much for that title, right? I was watching it and said to myself, "Well this is over, time to take a shower."

I was wrong. And an idiot to miss a classic finish.

That's the great Ian Darke on the call, along with Steve McManaman losing his voice. Truly unbelievable stuff.

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