Week 1 of the NFL season is over. Let's make fun of people!


It was great to have football back, finally, after eight months of pointless offseason speculation that all goes out the window by 2 p.m. of Week 1. Sure we could write about Robert Griffin III's big day or Peyton Manning's return to greatness, but that's not what Playing the Field is about.


Let's make fun of millionaires instead. Don't worry, they'll be fine. Except Brandon Weeden. He's probably too far gone already.


I've always been a fan of the goal post dunk celebration. It's simple, effective and shows tremendous athleticism. Remember, the crossbar is 10 feet off the ground just like a basketball hoop. Someone should've told Vernon Davis. Former Miami basketball player and current Saints tight end Jimmy Graham does it right (with a 360 thrown in for good measure). And now Davis from yesterday:




But at least Davis got stuffed on a score. He can at least take solace in a score and a big win over the Packers.

Not so much for aforementioned Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden. This is Weeden getting caught under an American flag during pregame. You heard me.

Sigh. It's tough being a Browns fan. He followed up getting sacked by a flag with four interceptions and a 5.1 QB rating.

And while almost everything went right for the Jets on Sunday, the same can't be said for head coach Rex Ryan. Scott Chandler went head coach bowling and came up with a strike when Rex got in the way.

Just so Rex can be sure, that Chaz Schilens (No. 85), Nick Bellore (No. 54) and Ellis Lankster (No. 26) laughing at their coach. Somebodies are going to be running extra laps in practice.

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