Jets fans have been miserable since Super Bowl III, while Pats fans are
just miserable. So, which fan base deserves this win more?

Jimmy Toscano
Metro Boston Sports Writer

Let me know when Jets fans deserve anything.

Honestly, the only people more obnoxious than the Jets are their fans. Just look at their most famous fan, Fireman Ed, who was charged with simple assault earlier this season at one of the games.

Real classy, pal.

But can you blame him? I’d be a half-wit too rooting for that franchise. Patriots fans deserve to win it for the simple fact that they have to deal with the Jets and their annoying fans every year.

Kristian Dyer
Metro New York Sports Writer

Is this even a question? After 42 years of suffering, the Jets are hoping to once again find as much success as Bill Belichick garners in a single sneeze.

It’s more about denying Pats fans any more success as much as it is for Jets fans to have a glimmer of hope. The fact their success is predicated on luck such as their selection of Tom Brady in the sixth round of the draft or the infamous “Tuck Rule” makes New England’s success hard to swallow. Factor in “Spygate” and it makes their arrogance seem even worse.

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