Here’s a hundred-percent reason to remember the name Yuri Wright.

Another story we wish we spotted sooner, but better late than never.

Yuri Wright was a senior at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, N.J., a football factory in the New York media market. He was the 40th-ranked player on the ESPNU 150 — and the fourth-best cornerback prospect in the country — was kicked out of school on Jan. 18 for what was deemed sexually graphic and racial commentary on his Twitter account.

We’re using the term “deemed” because, hey, it’s America. Everyone is entitled to free speech (right?) and their own opinion. Was he saying anything that you wouldn't expect an ordinary 18-year-old kid to be thinking? Well, you be the judge.


Wright lost scholarship offers from Rutgers, Notre Dame and Michigan. However, he reportedly committed to Colorado Tuesday, according to a former coach. National signing day is Feb. 1.

Anyway, Wright’s tweets — and they are graphic in nature — are quite funny. While they straddle the line of what might be considered socially acceptable commentary, they don’t advocate violence or illegal activity (save a few marijuana references).

We’d liken him to an R-rated version of Chad Ochocino, and we fully expect a long Shaquille O’Neal-like career for this young man.

He's also quite good at football. Look for him around the 40-second mark (he's No. 3).

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