How Metro would change the Pro Bowl:

Hear it

Rather than listening to the annoying banter of FOX’s Terry Bradshaw and Tony Siragusa, why not just get rid of the commentary all together?

Pull an NFL?Network and mike up the players the entire game. Let the producers work their magic, and for once, let’s hear what really goes on in the trenches.

2 Replace it

What’s your favorite Pro Bowl memory?

Yeah, we don’t/can’t remember one either. What we do remember, though, were those energetic skills competitions, like when Willie Roaf bench-pressed a small country. Fans would much rather watch those type of events and the QB Challenge.

3 Abolish it

The Pro Bowl is more painful to watch than a Michael Strahan sitcom, as evidenced by the NFC’s early 42-0 lead in last night’s late game.

Simply kill it off. You can still name a Pro Bowl team, but we don’t have to see an actual game. It’s a nuisance to most players — and fans.