Bruins center David Krejci was in the lineup last night, his second game back after missing a pair with the H1N1 virus.

The flu didn’t end up costing him major playing time, but it served as a reminder that pro locker rooms aren’t immune from the illness’ threat.

Like everyone else, the Bruins have been forced to take extra precautions. Immediately after Krejci was diagnosed, the B’s released a statement saying he would be quarantined from the team until he was “symptom and fever free for 24 hours.”


The team added several hand sanitizers to the Bruins’ dressing room, and all players were encouraged to use them after every ice session.

“You try to use them every time you come off the ice, and when you leave the locker room,” defenseman Derek Morris said. “But you have to live your life, [while] you do your best to stay healthy.”

“That’s the reality of what’s going on these days, and we’ll be aware of it and do the best we can,” coach Claude Julien told reporters. “We’re taking extra precautions to avoid it … but it’s still around.”

Fortunately for the Bruins, nobody else has been forced to miss games due to H1N1. This summer, five Texas Rangers players came down with flu-like symptoms after Vincente Padilla was diagnosed with H1N1. Numerous high school and college games have been called off around the country, too.

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