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Rachael Carpani: Learning the ropes in ‘Against the Wall’

Live from TCA press tour: The actress on playing a cop and pissing off her family in the new Lifetime drama, premiering tonight

Abby Kowalski has reached a point in her life where she’s unwilling to compromise. She’s just taken a promotion as a detective in Internal Affairs — much to the chagrin of her father and three brothers, all cops. And she’s more interested in her career right now than any sort of real relationship — as her booty calls are learning. Not that she’s a pro at any of this new assertiveness.

“I kind of liked watching this woman stumble and fall and wear her flaws on the outside and struggle against all these rules and limitations that she grew up with and were put on her and have really kept her safe, her brothers all being cops and her father being so protective,” says actress Rachael Carpani, who plays Abby on the new Lifetime cop drama “Against the Wall,” premiering tonight. “I think she’s at a stage now where she wants to break through. She’s really taking a chance [taking a job with Internal Affairs]. So I think that’s much more interesting to watch than

watching someone behaving.”

She’s certainly not the “good girl” off the clock, where Carpani admits Abby’s love life “keeps me on my toes.”

“I think the way I’ve worked out how to play her with her inability to commit and her liking of the booty call is basically she’s grown up with these amazing men, surrounded by these amazing men who she greatly respects,” Carpani says. “And truly I think her father is the love of her life. And I think deep down she knows that no man can really measure up to him just yet.”

So for now, Abby will focus on being a good cop — not that the required skills come naturally to her or Carpani.

“Anything physical with me is always a minor challenge … so that makes the falling down and stumbling quite easy,” the actress admits. “You know, every job, you get to learn something new. And I really have gotten to have some fun with the consulting cops on set, and they’ve taught me how to shoot a gun and do all that cop stuff. So I love it. I love it. I want more action stuff.”

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