Red Sox, Bobby Valentine: Endless chaos, madness

It’s become obvious that the players are running the show on Yawkey Way.

Another day, and yet another off the field story coming out and taking over the airwaves and media attention surrounding the Red Sox.


According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Red Sox players had an intense meeting with ownership in New York late last month on their off day before a weekend series with the Yankees. In the report was Red Sox players sharing a picture message of Valentine apparently asleep in his office chair with Pedroia in front of him with his tongue out and thumbs up. The caption read, "Our manager contemplating his lineup at 3:30 p.m."


As each of these stories have come out it becomes more and more apparent the players are the ones running the Red Sox organization, rather than the front office and the manager.


Have you ever heard of a team where the players constantly go to management to complain about their manager or coach's decisions? Imagine Tom Brady complaining to Robert Kraft about the way Bill Belichick was coaching. Imagine Paul Pierce complaining to Danny Ainge about the way Doc Rivers was coaching. Unfathomable right?


Making matters even worse is management siding with the players. How did Jon Lester's worst start as a major leaguer become about Valentine?

Once again there was no player accountability, rather the blaming of Valentine.

As for Pedroia mocking Valentine in the picture message, this is the so-called leader of the team, and the player some wanted to be named the next Red Sox captain? What he did, if the report is correct, was extremely unprofessional, something you would see with a Babe Ruth team, not a professional major league baseball team. Whether you like your manager or not, act professional. Give your manager a little respect and leave all the drama outside the ballpark.

The players control the organization. Because of this they got their manager fired last year and are well on their way to getting another one fired this year. It should now become clear to ownership that the managers are not the issue with this team. It is the players.

If ownership really is committed to winning, there needs to be a drastic change in culture next season. That can only happen if ownership takes control of the team and eliminates the problem players and/or coaches.

The disconnect

Bobby Valentine responded yesterday to a scathing Yahoo! Sports report:

Bobby V told WEEI that he had been “advised” about his managerial style.

Valentine went on to talk about the distractions in Boston and said that “one of the reasons players don’t like to sign (in Boston) is because they don’t have to deal with (daily media drama) in other markets.”

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