On Day 1 of their 2013 season, the Red Sox caught a 2012-like bad break.
Starter Clay Buchholz had to cut his workout short on Tuesday, the first day Sox pitchers and catchers had to report, after coming up lame running to first base after fielding a ground ball.
Buchholz and the Red Sox insisted that it was just a “tweak” of his hamstring and that it is nothing to worry about.
“I’ll get the treatment on it and hopefully I’ll be back in four or five days,” Buchholz said.

Papi on Bobby
David Ortiz took the first spring training shot at former manager Bobby Valentine yesterday when he discussed the team’s approach of bringing in “good clubhouse guys” in the offseason.
“You know, a lot of players had a lot of issues with our manager last year,” Ortiz said. “An organization, a team, is like the human body. If the head is right then the body is going to function right. If the head is messed up, then the body is going to be all over the place. It seemed like that was part of our situation last year.”

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