After three straight games of big points and big gains, the Jets’ passing attack was grounded in Monday night’s 29-20 win over Minnesota.

Mark Sanchez looked like a game manager instead of a game-changer, particularly inside the red zone. The Jets made four trips, failing to come away with a touchdown.

“You’re always concerned with that. You’re down there, you’re dominating the game and you’re coming away with three’s,” coach Rex Ryan said after the game. “If we could have knocked a couple across, we could have made it much easier.”

While Sanchez is still without an interception this season — he had five by this time last season as a rookie — he hasn’t taken complete advantage of scoring opportunities. The?Jets, who added Santonio Holmes to the lineup, rank 19th with a 44 percent conversion rate inside the red zone.

“The most important thing is that we weren’t giving the ball up and we were getting points so that was nice,” Sanchez said. “We weren’t turning it over ... [but] we needed to score touchdowns. That’s what needs to change next week.”

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