Maybe the Knicks' options at point guard aren't so limited after all.

One day after the Knicks saw veteran point guard Steve Nash slip through their fingers and be traded to the Lakers, they added a different veteran. ESPN is reporting that Jason Kidd will sign with the Knicks for their mini mid-level exception of $3 million for three years ($9 million total). It was believed as recently as Thursday morning that he would re-sign with the Mavericks.

ESPN's Marc Stein said it is still possible a sign-and-trade with Dallas would be worked out instead of a straight deal from the Knicks.

After Nash went by the wayside, the Knicks were backed into the corner of being forced to match Houston's $30-million offer sheet to Jeremy Lin with few other point guards on the market. Now, the Knicks will likely still match Houston, but also have one of the greatest point guards of all-time backing him up. And they no longer have to scrounge for a back-up to Lin, such as Raymond Felton.


Kidd, 39, will be entering his 21st season in the NBA next year. The Knicks will be his fourth team, with two seperate stays in Dallas. He led the Nets to two NBA Finals appearances, both losses.

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