As of now, the Celtics are 3-3 on their eight-game road trip.

You’ll take that. Last week, we said 4-4 would be a great record to end the longest trip in years, and with a game in Milwaukee tonight (8 p.m., CSNNE), the Celtics should (should!) be able to win after two days of rest.

Milwaukee is the start of another mini-stretch – four games in five nights. But it’s not all doom and gloom for a Celtics team that has raised their level of game from “dismal” to “respectable”.

They currently sit in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, 12.5 games behind the Bulls for first. The Celtics, though, aren’t trying to catch the Bulls. They’re in striking distance of the fourth seed in the East, believe it or not, and this upcoming stretch of games could actually see them pass the Hawks, Pacers, and Sixers – if everything goes their way.

With games against the Bucks, Sixers, (second to last place) Wizards, and (last place) Bobcats, the C’s look to go on a run that could put them in a solid position heading into the last month of the season.

Will the string of games tire out the C’s? A little, yes, but after that stretch, they’ve got no back-to-backs from March 27 to April 4. By then, the Celtics will hopefully have a couple extra big bodies – something they couldn’t get at the trade deadline.

April is going to be a very scary month for the C's. They’ve yet to play their back-to-back-to-back (which turns into five games in six days), their three games against the Heat, one in Chicago, one in Indiana, one against San Antonio, and a slew of other tough ones.


Rest down the stretch could also mean sacrificing wins, and if the C’s can snag a sixth seed while getting rest for the veterans, that’s their best option.