Welcome back, “Revenge” fans. We’ve been expecting you.

Daniel’s still being held in Rikers Island while he awaits his trial (it’ll be in December). Victoria especially isn’t happy to see her poor baby locked away and will do anything to make the case that Daniel didn’t kill Tyler. She works off of Charlotte’s observation of someone else on the beach that night — someone in a hoodie. Was it a man? A woman? Was it real-Emily, perhaps, as Victoria soon convinces herself? After all, it could certainly have been a woman going incognito with her hair pulled back. Or maybe it was Jack Porter. Ah, yes, that’s who is must be. The sketch artist fills in some facial features on his otherwise blank drawing and what do you know, it looks just like Jack. Funny how this all falls into plan so nicely…

Fake-Emily, pseudo-siding with the Graysons yet again, declares that Team Grayson needs a spin doctor to go after real-Emily: How about Mason Treadwell? Haven’t heard that name in awhile. Besides, he’s got it out for real-Emily since he thinks she burned her house down, so he’ll take the bait easily. Mason agrees and, from the Graysons' house, starts blogging about the recent developments in this whole David Clarke ordeal.

Meanwhile, over on Rikers, Daniel gets beat up pretty bad. The one benefit of this scene was that we got to see some of Josh Bowman’s rockin’ bod. But, anyways, the poor guy got pretty knocked down. Mommy G. comes to his rescue (with fake-Em), arguing with Courtney B. Vance (Daniel’s attorney) that he’s clearly not suited for big boy prison and would fare better under house arrest, since he’s the talk of the town now. So, lo and behold, Daniel gets sent home with one of those Lohan-esque ankle monitor thingies.


It was certainly surprising to see Declan move toward center stage tonight, no? Poor kid’s in a bind. He wants to defend his brother, who’s now thought to be a murderer, and his girlfriend, who accused him, but can’t have both. So he sides with his brother, saying Charlotte’s claims about the hooded guy on the beach shouldn’t be taken so seriously since she was stoned out of her mind that night. Charlotte isn’t too pleased to hear that Declan ratted her out and spends the rest of the episode really pissed at home. Oh yeah, we learn Declan failed his fancy boarding school entrance exam — The Graysons bribed the dean to take him on a student.

Unlikely minx Victoria meets up in the city with that young fellow who beat the crap out of Jack before our hiatus. And wow, what a bitch, she ordered the hit on her own son so that he could serve his prison time at home! Ah, good thing fake-Em was at the bar they met up at to capture this little exchange on camera. Also at the bar is some divorced guy from Victoria’s past whom she had an affair with. That fling picks up again tonight, and we don’t know too much about the dude right now other than that he’s British, he’s an artist and he’s got some kind of forgery talent (as later shown in a Web search Victoria does).

Fake-Em further plays into her deceitful side by IMing Treadwell with a suspicious note: "I didn’t burn your house down," or something like that. Treadwell thinks it’s “Amanda” getting in touch. “Amanda” instructs him over IM to check one of his drawers, and lo and behold, some interview tapes that supposedly burned when his house did are there. How could this be? Treadwell begins to distrust the Graysons, blaming Victoria for the fire. Victoria doesn't trust Treadwell either, what with his whole plan to keep Daniel innocent-looking failing miserably now that Charlotte's testimony isn't valid anymore, and she’s starting to hunch that fake-Em might have something to do with all of this. Ever-protective Daniel cautions his mom about involving fake-Em and threatens to confess to the whole murder to avoid getting fake-Em embroiled.

Jack decides to head to Montreal, where real-Emily’s been tracked via the wire transfer from a few episodes ago, for answers. Nolan will keep shop at the bar while he's gone. Fake-Em heads back to the bar where Victoria was yapping with the young dude, and she’s in disguise. She approaches him all suavely about the case (of course, Ashley’s talking about it on TV) and he’s like, "I have so much dirt on them." When he starts to blab, she starts her recorder. Then, she beats him up: for beating up Jack, then for beating up Daniel. Man, she really does let her emotions get in the way. She also makes an imprint of one his keys — guess we’ll find out more on that later.

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