“If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusion,” says Amanda at the top of tonight’s episode. Wonder if this has anything to do with ttonight's nuptials of Conrad and Victoria?


So Conrad and Victoria are getting fitted for the big day, and Conrad extends an invitation to Aidan (who asks if he can bring a date). Elsewhere, Amanda and Emily are going over the scar removal story that Emily needs to memorize so that Mason gets off her back (ha, no pun intended). Amanda tells Emily it’ll soon be old news because she’s going to distract Mason with a new story about the Graysons.


Kara pays a visit to Victoria’s room, and Victoria tells her that while the white-haired man might have been lovely to her, he was a d—bag to her. There’s a flashback to Gordon being all lovey-dovey on Kara, and back in reality, Victoria calls him a coward, and Kara says she’ll leave. But nuh-uh, says Victoria, Kara needs to stay.


Amanda needs Aidan to get the gun he killed Gordon with. He says he’ll hand it over if she accompanies him to the Graysons’ wedding. She says yes, and then we see her unzip a body bag to reveal a frozen Gordon Murphy — yuck!


Daniel and Ashley are chatting (and Ashley is wearing practically nothing), and they plan to invite Nolan to the wedding so he can do some digging for him. Amanda is of course eavesdropping.


So guys, are Amanda and Jack back together? They kissed, but I thought they broke up two weeks ago? Jack’s in a good mood that the bar is open — maybe that’s what’s behind his good mood? Downstairs, an inspector tells Declan they can’t sell top-shelf booze for $8, their father would be ashamed, and do they know who they’re getting themselves into business with? Guess we have lots more to learn about this Kenny Ryan fella.

Amanda stumbles upon her mother painting on the beach (as all rich Hamptonites do, I guess), and recalls a memory of she and her mother painting. Kara knows that Amanda (not realizing that’s her daughter, remember) almost got married to Daniel, and Amanda confides that she’s glad she didn’t marry into the Grayson family and that Victoria ruined her path to the altar. She makes her promise not to say anything, and Kara says the Graysons will get what’s coming to them, and that she’s good with secrets. Foreshadowing?

Mason and Emily talk about the scar removal, and it leads to Mason telling Emily he’d be glad to help take down the Graysons. You see, Emily had told him that the Graysons must have framed Gordon for Victoria's abduction. Meanwhile, Charlotte tells her mom she’s not attending their wedding because she’s done with playing along in their PR stunt. She runs off to Declan, whom she says is the only real thing in her life.

Emily warns Nolan that inviting Padma to the Graysons’ wedding isn’t such a good idea because she’s now in with Daniel and if they find out about David Clarke's association with Nolcorp they’ll come after Nolan. Just then, Mason calls, looking for Nolan’s help in tracking a phone number. Nolan knows this is the handiwork of Amanda, and when he asks her what it’s about, she says it’s the beginning of the end of Mason.

The big Hamptons party of tonight’s episode is of course…Conrad and Victoria’s second wedding! At cocktail hour, Daniel is a bit taken aback to realize Aidan and Amanda know each other. Then, Ashley gets peeved — always playing second fiddle to Amanda, the poor girl. Elsewhere, Kara snoops through Victoria’s things and finds the torn-in-half black-and-white photo of David Clarke in jail that Victoria lovingly stared at earlier in the episode.

Mason goes to question Gordon Murphy at a trailer (thanks for the help, Nolan!) but stumbles upon a dead Gordon Murphy (who’s actually been dead a long time, not in his trailer), and what’s lying next to him but a Conrad Grayson cuff link. Back at the Stowaway, Declan bonds with Kenny, who doubts that Declan needs the money he robbed for school, and that he really needs it to make some sort of lasting impression — something Kenny says he can relate to. Hmm.

Back to the wedding! Conrad presents Victoria with a highly unusual (though I guess not for them?) present of a blinged-out handgun. He needs to know that if he’s somehow unable to protect her, she can protect herself. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! Also, her wedding dress isn't white; it's gray. Thoughts? Maybe she knows that this is such a dreary, miserable arrangement she's found herself in.

So the wedding happens without a hitch, the couple has their first dance, but oh no! Cops are an unexpected presence! They arrest Conrad for the murder of Gordon Murphy, thanks to that bit of cuff link evidence — yikes! Conrad thinks Victoria planned this, but it was really scheming Amanda, that maniacal lady in the wings. By the way, this all happens right after Jack and Amanda share a slow dance and Jack tells her he sometimes wonder what it’d be like if they were still together.

Poor Padma and Nolan are already having fights: He knows she went to investigate Grayson Global looking for David Clarke’s contract. Moments earlier, Padma told Daniel the audit was dropped. She knows what Nolan's about to tell her: that she poked a hornet’s nest. Now Nolan wants to know how far she’d go to protect Nolcorp. So now innocent bystander Padma is involved in this whole web.

Victoria goes to see Conrad in his holding area and tells him, “you sealed your fate when you helped those people do the unspeakable to David Clarke.” It’ll take a visit from the initiative to bail him out: They’ll get him out of jail if he provides financial services like he did when Gordon was involved. Conrad doesn’t know what the money will go toward, but the assumption is that it’s pretty bad. Meanwhile, word starts to spread about the arrest: The Stowaway has the news on, and Kara is shocked to see that Conrad was arrested for killing her hubster.

Back at Grayson manor, Daniel thinks his mom orchestrated this whole new mess, and Mason pops up again (OK seriously, how does he keep getting into these places uninvited?) with plans to expose her kidnapping ruse. She flips the table and tries to convince him that Amanda, a former Juvie prisoner, is really who he should be investigating. Her smirk at the end of this conversation tells us she’s up to no good (is she ever doing good though? I mean really).

So two love arcs come to fruition (re-fruition?) tonight: Charlotte and Declan get back together, and Jack proposes to Emily on the Amanda boat (still thinking it’s Amanda, by the way...). Hurray for love in a spiteful world!

Kara confronts Victoria — she thinks Victoria had Gordon killed — and has a flashback to Gordon saying he’d retire after this last job. Eesh, it must kill her to know that Gordon was this close to handing in his gun before he got whacked. Victoria senses that Kara is sad about Gordon’s death — might she at Grayson manor for something other than protection?

Aidan once again tries to woo Amanda but is unsuccessful. He also tells her that Daniel is now a casualty in all this mess, and she knows, and it’s the reason she walked away from him. They also discuss how Ashley might be involved in all this — Amanda says she's nothing to worry about, but Aidan's got a hunch otherwise.

The final scene is a juxtaposition of a bulletin-board web of people embroiled in this Hamptons mystery — at first I thought it was Amanda’s board, but it's really Mason’s — and the details on how Amanda planted Gordon’s body in the trailer. In the final moments, Mason comes to the realization, it appears, that Amanda and Emily might have switched identities — hopefully we’ll see this confrontation go down next week.

Til then, I leave you with this question: Who do we think Amanda will end up with: Daniel, Jack or Aidan?