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'Revenge' recap: Episode 6, 'Intrigue'

Somehow, Lydia survived that multiple-story fall from grace (onto a taxi cab) from last week’s episode.

Ooooh, the plot thickens. Somehow, Lydia survived that multiple-story fall from grace (onto a taxi cab) from last week’s episode. When she awakes from her coma, will she remember that she’s onto Emily? Nolan and Emily ponder the thought.

This Tyler kid is definitely up to no good. He schemes a double date for him, Ashley, Daniel and Emily, and Emily and Tyler reach a boiling point at dinner when she accuses him of lying about his jet-setting ways. Ashley calls Emily a bitch. Sometimes I still forget that you can say that word on TV.

Meanwhile, back in Grayson land, it’s the Fourth of July and Victoria’s busy getting her annual party into shape. Not helping her stress level is the fact that she learns -- from Tyler, no less! -- that Daniel is a) working at a bar to make ends meet and b) thus unable to be at the party. Victoria’s starting to see Tyler as the model boy of the two, but oh how wrong she’s about to be…

Conrad Grayson’s not doing too well either. He gets an anonymous email (we know it’s from Nolan) with the video showing Frank’s involvement in Lydia’s death. He promptly fires Frank, giving him a hefty payout, and shows the video to Victoria. Victoria loses her trust in Frank, though Frank tries to earn it back in a surprise (creepy!) visit to their house, where he admits that the effort that went into Lydia’s “accident” was for her (did I mention Frank and Victoria are having an affair? Double spousal infidelities!).

Frank, being a private eye and all, smoothly cons his way into Lydia’s apartment building and bribes the guard into letting him see the surveillance cameras from the accident day. He spots Nolan in the elevator and has his man.

All this tension is leading up to the big Grayson Fourth of July party, which features a ridiculous Statue of Liberty ice sculpture. The Porter brothers (that would be Jack and Declan) take an “F this” attitude and hit the party when they’re supposed to be tending bar (they leave the duties to Daniel, which we’ll get to in a sec). Poor Jack confesses his feelings to Amanda, who gets a little weepy when she reminds him that she’s with Daniel.

Back at the bar, the ever-conniving Tyler ROOFIES his best friend Daniel in an effort to make him look bad at work and convince him to dump Emily. Who does that? I guess this a true ABC drama. Tyler takes Daniel upstairs to Jack’s bed to sleep it off (Jack’s naturally pissed when he finds him) and, in an even lowlier move, self-mutilates his face and tells Victoria that Daniel did it when he tried to convince him to quit the bar gig.

Nolan, clad in absurd red and white party attire, gets the crap kicked out of him by Frank, who demands an answer as to why he made the video in Lydia’s apartment. When Nolan alerts Emily and tells her she’s going to have to go solo from now on, Frank’s in earshot. He’s also lurking in Emily’s backyard when she does her closing monologue. Guess he’s not a private eye for nothing!

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