So much juiciness tonight, people!!

Mason’s got questions for Amanda, namely, why is she friends with Emily, who comes from the opposite end of the social spectrum? His reasoning? They were lovers in Juvie. Getting colder, Treadwell…

Kara decides to leave Grayson manor, and Victoria offers to pay for her way out (Kara doesn’t say no to that offer). Aidan and Emily do lunch, and she’s got a mission for him: Take the next 24 hours to prep Daniel to take over Grayson Global — Conrad's case is gonna be dropped. Also, there’s gonna be a big investors meeting at casa de Grayson and the initiative will be there too!

Emily’s in the middle of telling Jack about her weird obsession with the designer Narciso Rodriguez when her phone rings: Uh-oh, it’s Mason, and he’s inviting her to lunch. She fakes happiness but is really not too pleased over this little date.

Meanwhile, Victoria finds Conrad in his little secluded beach area and tells him she’ll go toe-to-toe with the initiative if she has to.


Can somebody please explain to me just what the f— this Neiman Marcus promo was? For those lucky enough to witness, it was basically Amanda dropping off white gift boxes with black ribbons to select characters from the show—fancy outfits (Neiman, I’m sure!) with an address for a party later tonight. Should I tell the whole thing now, or describe it in increments, like the show chose? Aw hell, I’ll tell the whole thing now. Basically, Jack, Emily, Charlotte and Declan got clothes to wear, and they all ended up at this warehouse party (not very Hamptons-like, really) thrown by Nolan who said he was making a new beginning after a tough year. OK…? The whole thing was a giant ad for Neiman Marcus and Target but I still don’t understand what for. Thanks for wasting my time, ABC!

So back to the show. Emily freaks to Amanda that Mason knows she went to Juvie. Amanda is still convinced her plan is working, but Emily is growing increasingly frustrated. She tells Amanda that Jack proposed and she’s tired of playing in her little game. Amanda tells her Emily will destroy her new family if she doesn’t kep up with the game. She instructs her to cancel her lunch with Mason and threaten a restraining order.

In this annoying subplot we have going, Kenny’s brother Nate enters the picture and is psyched to see the boats they have now that they partially own the Stowaway. Not true, says Kenny, they’re leased to Jack and Declan, who are stand-up dudes—unlike their father, Nate pipes in. Hmm?

Kara tries to slip out but of the Graysons but Daniel has one question: Did you keep any personal financial records of his? They’re tring to get evidence that David invested in Nolcorp. Aidan helps with that. He goes to Nolan’s NYC office and they have a really cute “Emily means so much to both of us” kind of moment. Aidan basically tells Nolan he needs proof of David Clarke’s investment in Nolcorp, and it might be his final chance to save Emily, despite possibly making Nolan financially worthless. Nolan breaks the framed David Clarke check and hands it over to Aidan. Daniel’s prepping Ashley for the transition and Victoria comes in, warning him that she’s still his strongest ally and that keeping secrets wouldn’t be a smart move.

Mason comes to the Stowaway, apparently to see Jack, but he really strikes up a convo with Emily instead. She says she’ll tell him everything, but not here, because she needs to protect Jack and the baby. She lures him in by saying that Amanda (“Emily”) is really behind this whole thing and that she’s obsessed with her.

Nolan wants to know more about Aidan—do I sense some jealously?—and he tells Amanda that he gave in the check because it meant protecting the only family he had. Aw you guys! I kind of want them to end up together now! Is that weird? Too brother/sister-y? Yes? OK, I’ll try to forget I ever wrote that.

Anyways, Emily gets to Treadwell’s house and checks out that intricate bulletin he’s set up. He tells her that once again he really regrets everything that happened with her dad, and she tells him that Amanda is her stalker. Emily’s not really in the mood to chat much longer, you see, because out of nowhere she goes in for the kill! But just as she’s about to whack Mason, guess who comes to save the day but Amanda, who tells her to choose her family (Emily’s response? “You’re making a huge mistake!”) Mason’s all like, uh-huh, you ARE the mastermind behind this, Emily, and then FINALLY we’re getting somewhere: She tells him she’s really Amanda Clarke!

After the next Neiman’s informercial, Amanda lays it on Mason for not telling the truth in the book he wrote about her dad, and tells him that it’s time to start making amends: First by calling Kara and sharing some important details about Gordon. Side note: Nolan calls to say Kara skipped out on her flight and used the Graysons’ credit card to get a car—she’s gone off the grid! But this is “Revenge,” so of course Mason finds her and shows her the pocket watch with her picture in it so she knows he’s legit. With Emily feeding him his lines via a bug in his ear, Mason tells her she needs to go as far away from here as possible, then launches into a full confessional about David being a victim of the Graysons’ lies and and oh my god make the word vomit stop you’re not helping anyone she’s off her meds Mason!! Well, Kara doesn’t take the news very kindly and turns right back around toward the Graysons.

Again, it wouldn’t be “Revenge” without a big party, so there’s an investors soiree at the Graysons’ house tonight. This is where Daniel will stage his coup. He gathers some high-profile investors (including Heather, an initiative envoy) to tell them that, hey, even though it doesn’t seem like we’re doing so well right now, oops, we forgot we’re invested in Nolcorp, so all is well, and vote for me, Daniel! Totally fine. No reason to panic. As my boyfriend/reluctant “Revenge” viewer Sean pointed out, nobody on earth would forget investing that kind of money, so basically the whole premise of this show is pretty much ruined now.

Despite it not making much sense these days, we’ve still got a show recap, so let’s get back to it. Kara makes it back to Grayson manor, and boy is she pissed. She halts the security cameras and leads Conrad and Victoria into their bedroom at gunpoint, pulling Victoria away from a tete-a-tete she's about to have with Conrad over their son all of a sudden taking over the company. Kara wants a confession for what they did to David, and Conrad said it was only his doing, because David stole his wife and he wanted another man to feel that kind of shame. Eesh, but did ya have to blame a whole terrorist downing of a plane on David to get even? Is that really “even”? Conrad, you’re a mean dude. Anyways, Aidan saves the day by getting Kara out just as she was about to pull the trigger (which was right after the Graysons told her that it was her husband, the white-haired man, who actually killed David, her other husband). Was anyone a little sad to see Victoria and Conrad hold hands for what they thought would be one last time? Kind of sweet, maybe, or is that just me getting emotional again?

Meanwhile, at casa de Mason (not to be confused with casa de Grayson), the police come: Somebody (erm, Nolan) has set it up to blame him for the murder of Gordon and the framing of Conrad. Elsewhere, Kara wakes up from her chloroform stupor in Amanda’s car: Aidan is there, and now it’s his turn to tell her, seriously, get the f—out of the Hamptons. You’re not wanted here, Kara. Amanda is sweet on her mother, who still doesn’t put two and two together, and has a flashback to a time they were laughing in the backseat of a car when it was raining outside.

Cute couple alert: Padma says she’s still be with Nolan even if he wasn’t rich. Moving on.

Amanda visits Treadwell in his holding cell and offers him a deal: Confess to killing Gordon, go to jail for it and hang out there til she tells him it’s safe to leave. Naturally, he’s not too thrilled about this idea. But she says if he doesn’t, she’s got evidence to make it look he did it, and the only way he can be freed is if she admits to everything. So he agrees to it, and he'll write Amanda's story until it's time for him to go. Sucks to be you, Mason!

And finally, to cap off this delicious evening, Amanda goes home to make out with Aidan.

There is no new episode next Sunday, but after that, it’s Thanksgiving at the Graysons! And you thought your family hated each other...

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