The NFL does this thing now where former players and unique individuals announce team’s draft picks. It’s already gotten stale.

I love seeing Willie McGinest. But I don’t need to see Willie McGinest each and every spring.

Wouldn’t it be more fun for everyone involved if the NFL had “surprise guests” introduce each pick?

How fun would it be for Mo Lewis to introduce the Patriots third round pick?


Or for the NFL to troll teams and have, say, Mark Sanchez to introduce the Jets pick? Or for Richard Sherman to introduce the Seahawks pick this year? Or for Johnny Manziel to introduce the Browns pick?

This would at least take some of the heat off of Roger Goodell, who is typically the man most booed at the draft year-in and year-out.


Durant vs. Westbrook Round 78

Most thought the beef between former teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had died down after they played footsies at the NBA All-Star Game this past February, but Durant threw a gasoline-drenched log on the embers this week with just one little “like.”

Instagram user xaver21phoenix posted that he didn’t blame Durant for leaving OKC because he “finally realized that they weren’t going to win with the subpar squad they had.”

User bayshero responded, “’Subpar?’ lmfao the problem was Westbrook. They had a good ass team.”

Mindless internet banter between fans, yes?

Nope … Durant actually “liked” bayshero’s response.

With one moment of his index finger, Durant may have caused NBA WWIII.

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