Dolphins running back Reggie Bush has a theory as to why Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis tore his ACL in this past Sunday’s game in Miami: karma.


Bush speculated on his Tuesday appearance on the Paul and Young Ron Show in south Florida that the injury to Revis was due to head coach Rex Ryan supposedly targeting the Dolphins running back for injury.


In the days leading up to the game, Ryan praised Bush as a running back and told the media, “Obviously we have to do a great job of getting a lot of guys to him and then get him on the ground. Put some hot sauce on him if you will.”


In the eyes of Bush, the injury to Revis is cosmic payback.


“What goes around comes around. They talked all week about putting ‘hot sauce,’ this and that and they end up losing their best player for the rest of the season,” Bush said on the show. “It’s sad that it happened because of that, but I’m going to be back.”


Bush was injured himself in the game but his MRI, unlike Revis’s, was negative and he should return soon.

Ryan clarified his remarks yesterday during his daily press conference.

“The hot sauce, you have to pour a ton of attention on them. He’s going to get a ton of attention just like Vernon Davis is going to get a ton of attention this week,” Ryan said. “I guess he was took it a different way or something like that. By no means do I want to see anybody leave the field due to an injury.”

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