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Ray Allen wants to know why the Sonics aren't back in Seattle yet. Getty Images

On a random day in May 2017, there is buzz of the Seattle Sonics returning to the NBA.

Former SuperSonics star Ray Allen posted a lengthy Instagram post this week, urging that the NBA find a way for the Sonics to return.

Sadly, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell died on Wednesday at the age of 52. But his tragic death did spark several pro-Sonics stories. Last week, the “Sonics Arena” people unveiled new plans for a design. More likely is that Key Arena gets a $1 billion upgrade. Either way, the Sonics arena issue looks like it’s going to be resolved – paving the way for a Sonics return.  

Now, most NBA franchises are doing quite well attendance-wise. So the most likely way the Sonics do return is if the league decides on expansion to 32 teams. The NBA currently has 30 teams. In order to maintain league balance, the league would preferably want to have one new Western Conference team and one new Eastern Conference team. Seattle will get top billing if there is expansion, and Louisville could be the top eastern location that would interest the NBA.


Other possible locations are: Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Mexico City and Kansas City.

The NBA is going to return to Seattle. The question, as it has been for a while, is when?

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