John Farrell and Torey Lovullo will be back in the Red Sox' dugout in 2016.

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For a brand as iconic as the Red Sox, you might be surprised how many times the team’s official uniform has changed over the years.

A new post on the Fanatics blog takes a dive into the storied history of the team’s ever-changing uniform, which has seen 16 redesigns since 1901.

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Different colors, fonts and pinstripe designs have adorned the Red Sox greats, as well as a number of trendsetting designs, the report observes.


“Unlike many historic sports teams, the Red Sox have continuously tweaked their on-field attire,” the post reads. “They periodically bring back to life long-dead logos, with a twist or two, and the caps were a work in progress for about 60 years.”

You can check out the site’s full report on the evolution of the Boston Red Sox jersey here.