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Just because Serena Williams pulled out of the French Open doesn't mean that she has to wallow and ponder what could have been, right?

Nope. Three days after withdrawing from the Grand Slam tournament due to a pectoral strain, Williams popped up at Disneyland Paris on Thursday alongside her mother, husband, Alexis Ohanian, their adorable nine-month-old daughter, Alexis.

From the looks of this footage posted on TMZ Sports, Williams and her family seem to be having the time of their life — as they should at "The Happiest Place on Earth."

And just look how cute Alexis is, as she tries to take in all the wonders of the "Magic Kingdom."


This kind of euphoria was the exact opposite feeling that Williams experienced when she pulled out of the French Open before her scheduled match against Maria Sharapova on Monday.

After withdrawing from the match, Williams told reporters that her pectoral strain had gotten painful "to the point where right now I can't actually serve, so it's kind of hard to play when I can't physically serve."

She also expressed dejection over not being able to face Sharapova. Despite numerous media outlets describing the Sharapova-Williams history as a “rivalry,” Serena has dominated their head-to-head matchups, 19-2, all-time. Not much a rivalry, if you ask us. Still, Williams said that facing Sharapova is a “match I always get up for.”

“It’s very difficult because I love playing Maria,” Williams told the media at the French Open, as reported by USA TODAY Sports. “It’s just a match I always get up for. It’s just her game matches so well against mine.”

Williams, 36, had an MRI on Tuesday, although the results of it haven’t been reported about as of press time.

That being said, Williams’s spirits remain high.

Whether this injury hinders Williams chances to compete in Wimbledon remain to be seen. Wimbledon begins July 2.

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