Serena Williams, John McEnroe
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John McEnroe was slammed by the PC Police this week when he said that Serena Williams would be ranked “like 700 in the world” if she played tennis on the men’s tour. McEnroe’s comments came in between him heaping praise upon Williams, and saying she was hands down the best female player of all-time. His quote was taken out of context, and CBS This Morning host Norah O’Donnell later asked McEnroe if he wanted to apologize for the comment.

McEnroe deadpanned, “No.”

Good for McEnroe. He’s allowed to have an opinion on the matter of tennis, especially when given a baited question.

McEnroe discussed the topic Wednesday.


“This is not something that is earth shattering, that I think there’s a difference in the level of the men and women,” McEnroe said during an ESPN Wimbledon conference call. “I was trying to say how great Serena is and how good she’s been for American tennis.”

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The Dr. of Regret

I’m sure Doc Rivers has played a ton of golf in Southern California these past four years. Happy for him. That is his passion, and things worked out just fine for the Celtics as they look like they’re on the brink of becoming a super team and Rivers’ Clippers are falling apart.

Chris Paul was traded to the Rockets on Wednesday, and Blake Griffin has one foot out the door.

Doc’s breakup with the Celtics was pretty bitter. Here’s what C’s owner Wyc Grousbeck told the Boston Herald in 2013: “I mean, Doc left us, period. Doc left us. No spin will take that away. It was his idea and he left, and we made the best of it.”

Doc famously did not want to go through a rebuild with the Celtics and that’s the reason he left. Unfortunately for Doc, Brad Stevens’ Celtics made the conference finals before he ever did in LA.

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