Looks like the Sixers rookie is already welcome at the cool kids table.instagram.com/dwyanewade/

Who would have thought it. LeBron James, reigning NBA champion and one of the best basketball players on the planet is working out with a player from the lowly Sixers.


As tweeted by David Grace, an assistant coach at UCLA, Ben Simmons recently worked out with James, as can be seen in the following photo posted Slamonline's Instagram page.


Aside from sharing an agent, James and Simmons are pretty close friends, with Simmons often praising King James as one of his idols and biggest influences.


In another social media post,Dwyane Wade showed Simmons flanked on either sideby Wade, James and Richard Jefferson. Simmons is clearly the tallest at 6-foot-10, showing why his natural position might be power forward (though, like James, he'll likely play "point forward" in Philly).


Simmons has been busy of late, appearing at the Sixers' Beach Bash this past weekend in South Jersey along with another NBA buddy, Joel Embiid.