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Sixers get some love among NBA GMs

Jrue Holiday and Doug Collins were top vote-getters among league's brass.

No, the Sixers aren't expected to win the NBA championship, according to an NBA.com survey conducted among the league's GMs. However, a few guys did get some shout-outs.

Point guard Jrue Holiday finished fourth, with 7.1-percent of the vote, in answer to the question: Which player is most likely to have a breakout season.

And coach Doug Collins ranked third, with 10-7 percent, in answer to the question: Which coach makes the best in-game adjustments.

As far as overall team predictions, there wasn't too much love for the Sixers. However, they were voted No. 3 (7.4-percent) for: What team will be most improved. The Clippers won that with a whopping 66.7 percent. The Sixers also finished No. 2 (21.4-percent) for: What team will win the Atlantic Division. Boston was No. 1 with 64.3-percent.

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