Norway curling pants Norway and the technicolor dream pants. Credit: Getty

Olympics! The fame, the glory — the curling pants?

Metals schmetals, y’all. Who cares who is winning what when there are funny pants involved, specifically those worn by the Norwegian Curling team. The team first made a fashion splash in Vancouver in 2010 by donning the vibrant gear, made by Official Loudmouth Golf pants, and now they are continuing the tradition in Sochi. A Facebook page honoring their outlandish britches — called The Pants Army —has racked up more than 545,000 followers. They wear a different pair for each game — and are single-handedly keeping the sport of curling interesting.

Meanwhile, Johnny Quinn, the U.S. bobsledder who went viral a few days ago after he tweeted a photo of having to break down his stuck bathroom door found himself trapped again, this time in an elevator. “No one is going to believe this,” he wrote, “but we just got stuck in an elevator.” Quinn was with teammate Nick Cunningham and U.S.A. Bobsled technical director David Cripps at the time. Cripps couldn’t resist tweeting a joke. “Now we’re stuck in the elevator! Can [Quinn] get us out?”


And last, but not least, is poor Bob Costas, who is suffering from pink eye and is being forced to wear glasses. The debacle has its own hashtags (#saveBobCostaseye, #pinkisthenewblack) and its own Twitter handle (@BobCostasEyes), all of which are amazing band names.

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